There are cases when it is necessary to transport many people at once with comfort, there are many solutions to such a problem, but in Baku the most convenient one will be to rent a minivan in the Eldorado Rent a Car service.

Let's consider in more detail, for a start - why in our service, and then - why a minivan.
Why us? As the saying goes: “Experience is the best teacher,” and our service in this area has been for ten years. We thoroughly studied the pros and cons of different brands and models of minivans, as well as cars from other categories of our catalog, and chose the most suitable for local conditions. In addition, we do not mediate, all the proposed machines belong to the company, turning to us you save. One of the principles following which our service has developed is not to stop at the “good” mark and constantly raise the bar for ourselves, which is why we bring a car for hire to any point in Baku, we do it quickly and at any time of the day or night.

Why rent a minivan in Baku?

In situations where hiring a bus or a minibus is not very convenient. For example, a wedding can be walked for quite a long time, the number of guests may not be limited to one party, someone will drive up during the celebration, and someone will be forced to leave before completion, and not everyone wants to come to the wedding in a private car and limit themselves during a feast. . A minivan in such a situation would be an excellent solution - to bring a group of guests, to take away, to seize something from props, and so on, there are many uses, and this is just one example. Moreover, a minivan rented from us can be used immediately, because as far as the parking lot, after renting, our cars get only after an inspection and a full-fledged car wash, outside and in the cabin. So, our rental can be used as an emergency replacement, for example, if you have agreed a large company with a minibus driver about long-distance transportation, and on the day of departure something has broken, do not worry and contact us.