VIP transfer

Following the tendencies and demands of the rental and exclusive transportation sphere in Baku, the VIP transfer service has been introduced at Eldorado Rent a Car.

If your stay in Baku is related to the solution of important work issues, it does not matter if you are in this city that you have to decide on your own business, or as an authorized representative of some organization or company with a fairly loud name, then your visit to meeting It is not for nothing that they say: “They meet according to their clothes, but they see off according to their wits,” although what includes “clothes” is not limited to what you are wearing. No less important things will be your smartphone and other equipment, if you are going to use it in the course of negotiations - a tablet or laptop, accessories are important, and of course, first of all, where will you come to the meeting.

In Baku, using our service, you can order a VIP-class transfer.

Cars presented in the VIP-section of our website catalog are ready to leave for you anywhere in Baku. This service works, as well as car rental from our site, round the clock, without any days off. Experienced and prepared for the features of the management of VIP-transport driver will come for you on the selected car in the shortest possible time. The driver is instructed on the need to respect a decent appearance, and the car comes not only washed, but also polished.

Another type of VIP transfer, which is provided by our company, is an order for transportation by a minivan of increased comfort.

If you are involved in organizing musical events, then you should write down a link to our website to immediately know what to do when you are doing a concert in Baku to a musical group, the fame of which allows you to write in the rider not only the necessary level of equipment, but also comfort requirements.