Car rental Eldorado Rent a Car provides an opportunity for everyone in Baku to take a pick-up by the day.

The fact that in the catalog assortment from our site there is such a not very common type of car, like a pickup, is not a whim and the desire to just put a few pickups in the car park for a change. Like, look at what advanced service we have, provided for everything, there are even pick-ups.

In no case! Each brand and model of the car before purchase in our fleet will be reviewed in detail at the meeting, all the pros and cons are weighed, and will receive approval only with absolute confidence in demand. And since we have been working in this field for ten years, our choice finds its user.
If you come to Baku as a company to spend an unforgettable holiday weekend, then a rented pickup will not only allow you to comfortably reach, but also to bring along a generator and sound equipment for a loud party. Or you can take with you a complete set of equipment, if for you the best rest is fishing.

As already mentioned, pickups are owned by the company, that is, we work with clients directly, this is beneficial in both directions - to you and us, and changes the attitude to the services provided. Regardless of what adventures on the machine the previous client experienced, the next person who rents the car will get in excellent form, both from the point of view of cleanliness in the cabin and outside, and from the technical point of view, that is, all the units are in good repair.

You don’t have to travel to Baku by car, we will deliver you a pick-up truck for rent at any time of the day, no matter where you are in the city.

We hire only experienced drivers and good statistics on the roads to deliver cars, so you start saving time using our service at the time of ordering.