Eldorado Rent a Car service provides an opportunity to rent an economy class car in Baku.

We have selected a range of economy-class cars in our fleet, based on all the tasks and requirements that may arise from our customers. To understand what may be needed by a modern person in a big city, we are allowed by our own experience in this field. Our service has existed for ten years, during which we have improved the speed and convenience of the services provided.

Who in Baku mainly needs cars of this price category for rent?

A lot of people. If you are in the city for a few days, for example, on a business trip, firstly, an economy class can get your attention when you are limited to travel, and for work you need speed and mobility. Just look at the rental price and look for prices for taxi services in Baku, then think about how many trips you will have to make. And do not forget that you still need to wait for a taxi, and a rented car will be waiting for you where you parked it, unless of course you parked according to the rules of the road.

Why should Baku apply to our car rental?

Firstly, we are not brokers and not intermediaries, we have our own fleet in the presence of, having contacted us, you will avoid extra overpayments and commissions.

Secondly, all our cars undergo regular maintenance, even if everything is in order and there is no reason to worry. For us, reputation and customers satisfied with our service are more important than savings. In the event that a car rented from us showed any faults, a similar car will be sent to you so that you can continue your planned business, and the faulty car will be sent for examination to identify the culprit.
We are always on hand not only cars, but also qualified drivers, we are ready for your call at any time of the day to provide you with transport as quickly as possible at any place in Baku. All cars are sent in good condition and washed, refilled (I do not know how). Do not forget that when you return the car, you should refuel to the same level as when you received the car. Can a client return a car without gasoline with a surcharge?