Sports car

One of the features of the Eldorado Rent a Car service is the ability to rent a full-fledged sports car in Baku.

We are not new to the car rental, and therefore well aware that there are different customers. Someone important is the ratio of price and convenience, who is going to use the car simply as a way to move from point A to point B. Less often, but still there are those who are not enough just to go, but you need to go fast and with style. Over the ten years of our existence, we have organized our service so as to cover all possible customer requests, therefore we provide rental not only mass-produced cars, but also sports cars.

On this page of the catalog you can get acquainted with the machines of the sport class provided by us.

This is not a random choice, our range is made up taking into account the peculiarities of roads and weather conditions in Baku. Sports cars in our fleet are especially strictly checked for the slightest malfunction, all service is carried out even more often than recommended by the manufacturer, since our cars are our face and responsibility to the customer. Well, as you know: “With great force comes great responsibility,” therefore, higher-powered machines receive more attention from us, and since we are not intermediaries for rent, but keep our equipment, we pay attention accordingly. And of course, getting into a dirty sports car is like eating a delicious truffle from an old tin plate, the taste is the same, but the sensations are not the same. Therefore, renting a sports car with us you can be sure that you will drive through the streets of Baku in a perfectly clean and brilliant car.

We know perfectly well that those who can afford to rent a sports car are not used to spending time on waiting, so you can count on the fastest possible delivery to your desired point in the city. (I did not write about the return with the same level of gasoline, who could afford a sports car, I think it will not bother).