Turning to the Eldorado Rent a Car car rental service, you get access to the best SUVs for Baku.

It would seem that you have come to rest in Azerbaijan, are going to rent a car, why you might need an SUV? You can certainly go away from civilization, drive where instead of roads there are only directions, but this is still a risk, even with reliable transport, and the car is not personal, only rented, you never know what will happen. But if you look for information about which cars are preferred by residents of Azerbaijan, then you will find out that these are generic universal SUVs. And as any experienced tourist knows, in another country, it is worth going to those establishments, and using those services that are used by the indigenous people, and not those where you are being lured by handouts.

Ten years on the car rental market gave our company an excellent idea of ​​which cars are best suited for renting in local conditions, so the range presented in our catalog is a choice based on experience and following the wishes of customers.

We have a large car park in Baku, including off-road vehicles, and Eldorado is the owner of these cars, we work with clients directly, without intermediaries. And as the property of the company that keeps track of its reputation, the cars are maintained in excellent technical form, and, of course, prepared for the clients from the aesthetic side, and a thorough cleaning after hire is carried out outside and inside the car.

In Baku it is enough to contact us and you will receive an SUV at any address in the city as soon as possible.
Do not forget that off-road cars pay for high power with gluttony, consider this when you take the car back, so that the fuel level is the same as at the time of rent.