While in Baku, you can rent a “Standard” class car at Eldorado Rent a Car - a car rental service that has been engaged in this segment of the services market for ten years.

In our catalog you can see the available car models and find out the daily rental price. If you have already used car rental services, then the benefits of the offers should be obvious to you. If you haven’t had this experience yet, then for better understanding, now you should sit down and calculate how many days you are in Baku, how many cases and trips are planned, look for actual prices for taxi services, and add a huge advantage in convenience. , you do not depend on the workload of taxi drivers orders, quietly get to areas where taxis are reluctant to go, do not have to wait, and five people, and not four, will get into a rented car.

Renting a standard-class car in Baku will be most profitable if you come on vacation or to spend a weekend with your family.

Maybe you do not plan a lot of travel, but the comfort and convenience that you get if you use our rental service will have a positive effect on the memories of your vacation. We provide cars from our own fleet, we are not intermediaries, so you do not overpay any commissions. Each unit of equipment in our fleet is fully technically sound, and after renting it, a car wash is compulsory to appear before the next client in a perfectly clean form.

Our service works 24 hours a day, we are always ready to provide your chosen car to any point in the city, our drivers have good driving experience and are well versed in the city, which allows you to deliver the car as soon as possible. At the time of the transfer of your car, we fix the fuel level. When you return the car back, you are required to refuel to the same mark.