Rental terms

Main terms

Required documents: 
– Passport
– Driving license

Age requirements: 
– The minimum age of renter – 24 y.o.
– The maximum age of renter – 65 y.o.

Requirements for driving experience: 
– The minimal driving experience for renter is 2 years.

Payment requirements: 
– Payment for the entire rental period

Rental period requirements: 
– The minimum rental period starts from 2 days.

Fuel conditions
Full to full:
While receiving the vehicle, the fuel tank will be fully or partially filled. Before returning the car, please add the fuel you used to the level in which the car was received. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra in the office of the company or managers will keep the difference from your security deposit that you left.
Mileage limit

Your rental includes unlimited mileage.

Changing the length of the lease can affect the number of kilometers that you can drive for free. It may also affect the price you will need to pay for each additional kilometer.

Addition drivers

Your rental price includes one additional driver for free.

Kia Rio 2018

Kia Rio 2018

41 $
2665 руб
70 AZN
Car delivery location
Kia Motors

Rent a car in Baku is not difficult. Difficult choice of the vehicle.

First you need to decide for what purpose you need a car. Among the many brands and models one stands out.
Offer for your review Kia Rio sample 2018. This car is made according to the best Korean automotive traditions. The combination of design and engineering solutions give the result at the highest level.

Renting a Kia Rio in Baku, you get an unforgettable impression on the daily operation of the vehicle. In order to experience everything that Rio is capable of, you only need two actions: fasten your belt, turn on the music and turn the ignition key to start. Rio will feel your desires and show all its advantages on the road. Smooth suspension travel will ensure you a comfortable stay in the car throughout the trip. Relatively low fuel consumption for this type of sedan will prolong the enjoyment of Baku’s sights and the opening types in the suburbs.

The advantage of car rental in Baku is the opportunity to take Kia Rio for rent.

The Kia Rio has everything you need: a comfortable lounge and a comfortable control panel, air conditioning, a large trunk, mounts for a child seat. Excellent visibility reduces the risk of unpleasant situations on the road.

Renting a daily Kia Rio in Baku is the best way to see all the landscapes in a comfortable environment.
Engineers together with the designers made the car, aimed at comfort and practicality. Despite rather big dimensions, any maneuver on the narrow streets of Baku will be easy for you. You can safely park and not think about what you touch bumper curb.
Renting a Kia Rio in Baku will be an unforgettable part of your holiday or your business trip. The car is multifaceted in its operation methods. Suitable for everyone!

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