Rental terms

Main terms

Required documents: 
– Passport
– Driving license

Age requirements: 
– The minimum age of renter – 24 y.o.
– The maximum age of renter – 65 y.o.

Requirements for driving experience: 
– The minimal driving experience for renter is 2 years.

Payment requirements: 
– Payment for the entire rental period

Rental period requirements: 
– The minimum rental period starts from 2 days.

Fuel conditions
Full to full:
While receiving the vehicle, the fuel tank will be fully or partially filled. Before returning the car, please add the fuel you used to the level in which the car was received. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra in the office of the company or managers will keep the difference from your security deposit that you left.
Mileage limit

Your rental includes unlimited mileage.

Changing the length of the lease can affect the number of kilometers that you can drive for free. It may also affect the price you will need to pay for each additional kilometer.

Addition drivers

Your rental price includes one additional driver for free.

Renault Logan

Renault Logan

41 $
2665 руб
70 AZN
Car delivery location

Rent a Car Baku: Renault Logan.

Decent sedan and a good friend in its price range.Perfect for both young and older motorists to travel along the narrow streets of Baku. Nice appearance Renault Logan emphasizes individuality and charisma.Responsive steering during maneuvers will give a feeling of sharpness, like a racing car, and small dimensions will allow you to steer out of any situations. High ground clearance is the most important advantage of Renault Logan. Difficulties to park the car will not.

It is possible to rent Renault Logan in Baku by the day, but this will not be enough for you.

The most important thing that you need to rent in Baku Renault Logan.Reliable, roomy, comfortable, car. Fuel consumption in the urban cycle with heavy traffic on the streets of Baku will pleasantly surprise you. Silence in the cabin and air conditioning will provide you with a comfortable ride, which is 10 km or 100 km. Driving Renault Logan, you will feel confident moving in a dense stream in Baku. Frisky Renault Logan with the roots of a racing car, will exceed all your expectations, both in the city and on the track.

Renting a Renault Logan in Baku is an excellent choice for receiving positive emotions, a comfortable journey, conquering peaks and aesthetic pleasure. Renault Logan will be your faithful, reliable friend and loyal friend for the whole trip.If you rent a Renault Logan in Baku, you can enjoy the sights without leaving your car. Good visibility and a large glass area will allow you to see even what is hidden from others.Summing up, we can say that if you rent a Renault Logan in Baku, it will be a great solution on your journey. Thereby saving on fuel consumption and at the same time do not lose comfort and spaciousness.

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