Rental terms

Main terms

Required documents: 
– Passport
– Driving license

Age requirements: 
– The minimum age of renter – 24 y.o.
– The maximum age of renter – 65 y.o.

Requirements for driving experience: 
– The minimal driving experience for renter is 2 years.

Payment requirements: 
– Payment for the entire rental period

Rental period requirements: 
– The minimum rental period starts from 2 days.

Fuel conditions
Full to full:
While receiving the vehicle, the fuel tank will be fully or partially filled. Before returning the car, please add the fuel you used to the level in which the car was received. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra in the office of the company or managers will keep the difference from your security deposit that you left.
Mileage limit

Your rental includes unlimited mileage.

Changing the length of the lease can affect the number of kilometers that you can drive for free. It may also affect the price you will need to pay for each additional kilometer.

Addition drivers

Your rental price includes one additional driver for free.

Nissan Sentra

Nissan Sentra

47 $
3055 руб
80 AZN
Car delivery location

Daily Rent a Car in Baku.

Of the Japanese automakers Nissan has always stood out for its orientation to the West. Hence the trend in the form of cars, the dimensions of which are usually distinguished among the Japanese car industry, which mainly makes in a compact Japanese style. Yes, of course, small cars are very convenient in conditions of overcrowded Japanese cities, where you need to tack very quickly and quickly in a traffic flow, and then also find a parking place. The European requirements for personal transport, as well as in America, are different, with respect to more spacious cars. Nevertheless, the quality of the Japanese assembly throughout the world is very much appreciated. Of these requirements, and the Japanese engineering style and appeared Nissan Sentra.

What are the advantages of renting a Nissan Sentra?

The car is designed for comfortable movement with full-time seats. The car's interior allows four passengers and driver to comfortably accommodate, and it can be quite tall people, with a height of 180 cm being in a car is more than comfortable, and this is with an average height of 173 cm for men in Europe. Of course, if you are going on a trip with your friends on the basketball team, you will be cramped, but if you and your friends, family members, or fellow travelers, are just quite big guys, you will get a decent level of comfort during the trip.

What is included in the car rental package in Baku?

As befits the product of Japanese engineering, the car is filled to capacity with all possible electronics and other devices that make life easier, if there was no module in the vehicle configuration, then most likely it was simply because there was nowhere to be built in. A powerful audio system will not let you get bored in silence, and dual-zone climate control will make your trip cozy in all weather conditions outside the car.

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