Rental terms

Main terms

Required documents: 
– Passport
– Driving license

Age requirements: 
– The minimum age of renter – 24 y.o.
– The maximum age of renter – 65 y.o.

Requirements for driving experience: 
– The minimal driving experience for renter is 2 years.

Payment requirements: 
– Payment for the entire rental period

Rental period requirements: 
– The minimum rental period starts from 2 days.

Fuel conditions
Full to full:
While receiving the vehicle, the fuel tank will be fully or partially filled. Before returning the car, please add the fuel you used to the level in which the car was received. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra in the office of the company or managers will keep the difference from your security deposit that you left.
Mileage limit

Your rental includes unlimited mileage.

Changing the length of the lease can affect the number of kilometers that you can drive for free. It may also affect the price you will need to pay for each additional kilometer.

Addition drivers

Your rental price includes one additional driver for free.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

47 $
3055 руб
80 AZN
Car delivery location

Rent a Car reliable middle class car for a week in Baku.

It goes without saying that in our rental service there are legendary Japanese cars that have conquered the whole world of the Toyota Corolla model. You can talk about different cars for a long time, which of them is “the most”. The most convenient, the safest, the most manageable, and very often such arguments get stuck on the fact that such statements are often subjective, as they are difficult to back up with numbers. So, Corolla, all models of this car, in total, it is the most sold car in the world, and this is a very significant figure. Agree to achieve a similar mark, the car must attract a very wide audience, with a variety of preferences and be able to meet the needs of all of them.

One of the best options for renting a car in Baku is the Toyota Corolla.

As the current president and head of Toyota Motor Corporation, who has held this position since 2009, Akio Toyoda, said: “I want us to produce the best cars!”. A very bold and decisive statement, especially if you look at all the competitors, and just fans of other car brands, but this statement is not without a grain of truth, and the title of the most popular car in history confirms this.

Is it worth renting a Toyota Corolla car by the day, in the conditions of Baku?

Yes, of course it is, and not only there, Japanese engineers from Toyota are very attentive to the little things and produce cars adapted to different countries in which their sales are planned.
And of course, what kind of sample Japanese autobuilding will do without high-quality e-filling. If this old-fashioned car, which has already survived 12 versions, doesn’t have any built-in electronic accessories, then there’s simply nowhere to put them, because every cubic centimeter inside the car has been taken into account and has already been used.

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