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Rental terms

Main terms

Required documents: 
– Passport
– Driving license

Age requirements: 
– The minimum age of renter – 24 y.o.
– The maximum age of renter – 65 y.o.

Requirements for driving experience: 
– The minimal driving experience for renter is 2 years.

Payment requirements: 
– Payment for the entire rental period

Rental period requirements: 
– The minimum rental period starts from 2 days.

Fuel conditions
Full to full:
While receiving the vehicle, the fuel tank will be fully or partially filled. Before returning the car, please add the fuel you used to the level in which the car was received. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra in the office of the company or managers will keep the difference from your security deposit that you left.
Mileage limit

Your rental includes unlimited mileage.

Changing the length of the lease can affect the number of kilometers that you can drive for free. It may also affect the price you will need to pay for each additional kilometer.

Addition drivers

Your rental price includes one additional driver for free.

Mercedes Benz V class

Mercedes Benz V class

106 $
6890 руб
180 AZN
Choose destination
Car reservation
You can reserve a car for rent, this service does not cost extra money
Move safely - we take all risks upon ourselves, because the entire fleet of cars that we offer is insured
GPS navigator
Eldorado Rent a Car also provides its customers with an additional service - GPS navigator
Baby seat
Do you travel with a child? We took care of that too. Order the "Baby seat" and we will install it in the car
Wi-Fi hotspot
You can order this service and a Wi-Fi point will be available in your car to connect from any device
If you have any questions or problems with the car - we are in touch 24/7

Welcome to the website of the largest car rental service in Baku - Eldorado Rent a Car.

A wide variety of cars for hire in Baku, the newest models, also with delivery to anywhere in the city, and our car rental in Baku works 24/7.

If you are looking for a reliable car rental in Baku, then you have come to the right address.

Why choose us, and what can we offer?

  • Our company has been in the car rental market for ten years. During this time, we have sufficiently studied all the needs that may arise from potential customers and raised the bar of our service so as to meet them.
  • We are not resellers or brokers, we have our own fleet of vehicles, which includes cars of different classes, configuration and price category;
  • We have the fastest service in Azerbaijan, we will in the shortest possible time bring the car you ordered to anywhere in Baku, regardless of the time of day;
  • Our cars are our face and reputation, so each of our cars will be delivered to you in good condition, washed and serviced well. All our cars always pass the scheduled inspection on time, and go to the service as soon as there are suspicions of any technical problems. And of course, we rent cars only in a clean state;
  • If during the use of our car any technical malfunction is revealed due to our fault, you will be provided with the same or a similar class car and a complete set of a replacement car as soon as possible.

It does not take much to become our client, we have enough loyal conditions:

  • From the documents you need only a passport and driver's license;
  • The deposit is only 300 AZN;
  • You can rent a car from us from the age of 24, having a driving experience, for men - from one year, for women - from two;
  • By renting one of our cars, you agree with a minimum rental period, two days for city trips and three days for out-of-town vehicles;
  • When you return the car, the fuel level should be the same as at the time of receipt, or compensate for the lack of money.

You can familiarize yourself with the range of vehicles of a particular class in one of the eight relevant sections of our catalog.